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Betwenn the European and Asian continent, Turkey is bordered by the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean to the west and the Mediterranean to the south. It has a very rich past as evidenced by Istanbul. The city was successively capital of the East Empire and then of the Ottoman Empire. Sailing is the best way to discover the aegean coastline with its isles, beautiful beaches, lively resorts and many archaeological sites.

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4.5/5 - 160 reviews
August 2019
Pheonix Yachting were a very good charter company: good communication, simple handover at beginning and end and very helpful. The boat was older, but well stocked and this was reflected in the price. Sailing west from Marmaris was amazing for all levels of sailing experience, great harbors with a choice of mooring options and restraints. Sea turtles, crystal clear water, snorkeling and strong winds were the order of the week! Highly recommended area to cruise with a family.
July 2019
We had a very good boat, very helpful and friendly people and a very good and nice skipper - making a perfect holiday
July 2019
Very good Marina. The boat was brand new and in perfect conditions. Very good area to navigate around within short distances. Floating supermarkets approach you on a daily bases in the creeks with fresh food.
June 2019
The boat was 7 years old but still in good condition. Sails, rigging, engine, deck, interior -- everything was intact. We had two problems: 1) The battery was nearly dead (held like 2 hours on minimal consumption after full charge) 2) The charting plotter just died at some point (stuck on one of the menu screens). The charter company did their best to help us. They came to Fethiye to meet us in the middle of our voyage and replaced the battery. Cruising around Fethiye Bay is fantastic! There's a lot of smalls coves with restaurants that have their own pier. The nature is beautiful. You can find a couple of ancient tombs cut in rock.
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