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Located right at the south of the Balkans, Greece is surrounded to the west by the Ionian Sea and to the east by the Aegean Sea. Greece boasts a rich and varied heritage as well as stunning natural secenery, turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. There is also plenty of historical and cultural sights to visit which will you leave you in awe! It is the perfect place to charter a yacht and enjoy a sailing holiday in the sun!

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4.3/5 - 1352 reviews
August 2019
Everything fantastic
August 2019
Almost everything was perfect! A great boat, a perfect skipper and a week of gorgeous weather in the Saronic Gulf (whereas the Cyclads were very windy). We were extremely lucky to have a very skilled skipper also possessed by Olympic calm to guide us through the islands. He suggested plenty of idyllic creeks to enjoy the sea and we also could use the sail a few times, which is the best. Do not forget to buy floating devices likes noodles or water wings, seasickness pills and plenty of bottled water. The only thing that could have been improved is the departure time. We waited 3 hours in the sun (no place to sit near the boats, no shadow!) while the boat was getting ready.
July 2019
Chartered their Dufour 412 Grand Large (2018) for a week out of Lefkas as a bareboat, and cannot speak highly enough of the quality of service that was provided. We initially booked through a third party, but the entire team at Floating Holidays are magnificent and would book direct next time. The boat itself was in perfect working order, and spotless on arrival. If you’re looking for a friendly, no-nonsense charter company that can accommodate requests easily and without fuss, look no further!
July 2019
Highly recommended
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